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Promoting high quality sustainable European geosynthetic products

EAGM believes in establishing free circulation of geosynthetic products within Europe, in a market where products have to comply with comparable criteria and standards in each individual country. EAGM promotes and maintains a high level of quality for geosynthetic products, to be subject to equal and objective parameters, assuring customers that products  produced by EAGM members are of high quality.

EAGM Vision

The European Association of Geosynthetic product Manufacturers (EAGM) is the recognized voice of the European Geosynthetics Industry, leading our industry in the promotion of the use of geosynthetics in the creation of a sustainable environment.


The EAGM consists of a group of European based manufacturers of geosynthetics and geosynthetics related products.

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EAGM Mission

  1. Promote the best most sustainable solutions available in the marketplace

  2. Get the benefits and values of geosynthetic solutions understood by all stakeholders

  3. Grow the market for geosynthetic solutions in Europe

  4. Contribute to responsibly shaping the rules of the European market

  5. Collaborate with other organizations within the Industry

  6. Offer a network to provide general market data and address common topics


During the past decades geosynthetics have become indispensable for civil engineers, consultants, contractors and governments who aim to deliver both efficient, and reliable and high quality projects.


EAGM thrives for the application of European geosynthetic products and solutions as the preferred building method in the sectors the EAGM members are active in.



EAGM Value for its members


Promotion of Geosynthetics

as best solutions (also against traditional methods)

  • Participation at relevant  conferences/exhibitions, also outside the current geosynthetics market to contact – target new people

  • Explain that Geosynthetics are high quality, well controlled materials.


Get Values understood by Stakeholders

  • Technical activities with regards to:
    • Sustainability

    • Microplastics
    • Dangerous Substances (CEN TC outcome to wait for)
    • Life-Cycle assessment & End of Life
    • Durability of geosynthetics (explain current concepts)

  • Cost Savings vs traditional solutions

  • Promote advantages of the use of geosynthetics


Grow the Market for Geosynthetics

  • Focus on the targeting of groups/actors in the civils market that do not yet use geosynthetics

  • •Strongly increase the audience, interested inthe use of geosynthtics
    • 1: Consultans
    • 2: Contractors
    • 3: Authorities


Responsibly shape rules of the European market

  • Lobbying work:
    •Drive sustainability
    •Link into the EC


  • EAGM is the point of contact and consultant for the EC on Geosynthetics


Collaboration with other organizations

  • Bi-annual meeting with all European industry leaders

  • Exchange with industry opinion-leaaders

  • Established relationships with o.a
    • GMA (member of IFAI)
    • IGS
    • International Soil Mechanics (ISSMGE) also European leg + other associations of target groups
    • National Geosynthetics Associations


Network for market data and general information

  • Market Statistics

  • Information on standards/norms

  • Technical publications

  • Participation in relevant working groups


Become a member

Become a member
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