About EAGM

Promoting high quality sustainable European geosynthetic products

EAGM believes in establishing free circulation of geosynthetic products within Europe, in a market where products have to comply with comparable criteria and standards in each individual country. EAGM promotes and maintains a high level of quality for geosynthetic products, to be subject to equal and objective parameters, assuring customers that products  produced by EAGM members are of high quality.


The European Association of Geosynthetic product Manufacturers (EAGM) is established with the goal to promote the knowledge and the usage of European synthetic products and to underline the sustainable benefits when applying these products.


The EAGM consists of a group of European based manufacturers of geosynthetics and geosynthetics related products.


During the past decades geosynthetics have become indispensable for civil engineers, consultants, contractors and governments who aim to deliver both efficient, and reliable and high quality projects.


EAGM thrives for the application of European geosynthetic products and solutions as the preferred building method in the sectors the EAGM members are active in.



Reasons for becoming a member:

  • Quality mark

  • Joined promotion of geosynthetics

  • Lobbying and representation

  • Global network

  • Market Intelligence

  • Legislative Guidance and Technical Materials Advice

  • Business promotion

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Association under the provisions of the French law of 1 July, 1901. European Association of Geosynthetic product Manufacturers (EAGM), 25, rue Alfred Werner, 68059 MULHOUSE, cedex, France.

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