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Maccaferri, established in 1879, is a worldwide technical reference in the research, design and implementation of innovative solutions within civil, geotechnical and environmental engineering. Sustainable and environmentally friendly solutions are a key strength of the company, together with deep technical knowledge built over years of experience.

​With over 140 years of history, the company is a leader in engineered solutions including steel based materials (gabions, mattresses, rockfall mitiagation etc etc) and geosynthetics. Our geosynthetics products can be used to fulfil the following main functions:
• Reinforcement
• Ground Improvement & Stabilisation
• Asphalt Reinforcement
• Drainage
• Separation, Filtration and Protection
• Barrier Systems
• Erosion Protection

​Maccaferri’s geosynthetics are manufactured under quality-controlled conditions (CE marked production) and where appropriate, are not only CE marked but also tested and certified by third party authority as BBA (UK) and NTPEP (USA). This provides client reassurance that the product has been tried and rigorously tested before installation within the project.

Maccaferri is strongly committed to promote transparency as a means of improving the environment and increasing the sustainability, providing objective, reliable and comparable information about the life-cycle environmental impact of its products through certified Environmental Product Declarations (EPD).

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