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Case 2 Foundation stabilization

LCA Studies


The use of Geosynthetics leads to lower impact concerning all indicators investigated compared to a
conventional road:

  • ~ 11% (or 800 tons) saving in CO 2 -equivalent per 10 km of road (12 m width).

  • ~ 5% reduction in the non-renewable cumulative energy demand.

  • Note: As compared to lime / cement stabilization, a geosynthetic solution saves 30% in CO 2 equivalent.

At the same time, the use of geosynthetics generate cost savings (see graph below)

This study shows

​The use of geosynthetics leads to: 

  • lower environmental impacts concerning all indicators investigated compared to a conventional road

  • lower climate change impacts compared to lime or cement stabilisation

  •  ~11% (or 800 tons) saving in CO2 per 10km of road ≈ 3,200,000 km in a car (80 trips around the world) •    Vs lime/cement stabilisation save 30% ≈ 12,000,000 km

LCA case 2

Cost comparison

Cross section


Road Foundation Construction 

Carbon footprint

210211 LCA Road foundation stabilisation

Environmental impact graph

Environmental impact graph foundation st

Cost comparison

LCA case 2 cost comparison.jpg
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