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TeMa, which stands for ‘Technologies and Materials’, was founded in 1993.

TeMa meets the demand of companies in order to embark on a path that reduces the exploitation of environmental resources. TeMa Technologies and Materials has developed solutions with geosynthetic products that sit lightly in the landscape while offering high performance in reinforcement and mechanical protection, erosion control and drainage in the residential and commercial building markets and in major environmental projects. Since 2013, we have also been doing research into the construction of interiors, developing new high-performance materials for waterproofing and sound insulation.

TeMa is a dynamic company where constant innovation supports the competitiveness of customers and designers. These important strategic decisions have given TeMa a global reach, laying the groundwork for the company’s internationalization. Hence our original Vittorio Veneto facility near Treviso in Italy has been joined, in succession, by:

TeMa Iberica (Spain), TeMa North (Russia), TeMa Med (Turkey), TeMa Romania and TeMa North America (USA). With its sales network, TeMa is now present in 80 countries around the world.

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