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Laviosa is an Italian holding company that controls the shareholdings of the Laviosa family. These include the industrial activities of Laviosa Industrial, which consist in extracting, processing and distributing industrial mineral products, and the logistic activities of Laviosa Maritime, a maritime services agency, freight forwarder and terminal operator.

Our main strengths and skills lie in the control of our raw materials, our process technology, our localised production in various parts of the world, and our applicative knowledge of the product, all of which are supported by logistic services and a customer-oriented approach.

The Lining & Waterproofing segment is focused on the production of Clay Geosynthetic Barriers (GBR-C or GCL) for environmental protection works and construction waterproofing, on granular and powder bentonites for mixing with soil and for accidental hydrocarbon spillages.

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