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Case 1 Filter layer

LCA Studies


The use of Geosynthetics leads to lower impact in all categories:

  • The greenhouse gas emissions for geosynthetic filters are only 10,4% as compared to a mineral filter.

  • The non-renewable cumulative energy demand for construction of 1 square meter filter (30 nyears) is only 19 MJ-eq (131 MJ-eq for mineral filter), almost 7 times lower.

This study shows

​The use of geosynthetics leads to: 

  • 75% (min.) lower environmental impact for all indicators

  • ~ 85% lower non-renewable cumulative energy demand

  • ~ 90% lower cumulative greenhouse gas emissions


Cross section

Filter system

Filter system below a road: 

  • Case 1A - granular filter layer - 300 mm gravel

  • Case 1B -  geotextile filter – 175 g/m2

Filter system

Hydraulic permeability: (k-value) ≥ 0.1 mm/s 

Estimated lifetime ≥ 30 years 


Filter system below a road 


Drainage trench construction

Carbon footprint

210211 LCA road filter layer.png

Environmental impact graph

Environmental impact graph filter layer.
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