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Company name:

Roess Group

The Roess Group was founded in 1913 in Twistringen, Germany and is a family-run company in the 3rd & 4th generation.

In the meantime, 6 companies with different focal points such as irrigation and drainage, erosion control but also special machine construction belong to the group:

- A.H.Meyer Maschinenfabrik GmbH (

- RBM drain Filter GmbH (

- Internationale Geotextil GmbH (

- Dripitex GmbH (

- Lanka Coco Products Pct. Ltd (

- AboutGreen GmbH (

For the membership of the EAGM the company Internationale Geotextil GmbH (short: IGG), founded in the year 1997, is to be particularly emphasized.

IGG is a company operating worldwide, but mainly in Central Europe. Since its foundation, IGG has become the market leader for erosion control mats as well as coir and jute fabrics in the field of natural fiber geotextiles. IGG is considered a reliable partner in all questions of ecologically sustainable surface erosion protection and offers its national as well as international customers qualified consulting for projects, starting with planning up to support during implementation.

Since its foundation, IGG has gained a lot of experience in the use of natural fibers, especially coconut fibers, but also straw and hemp fibers.

IGG does not limit itself to the production of erosion control and greening systems made of natural fibers, but also plays a leading role in the research and development of sustainable system solutions for erosion control.

The AquaRockBag® was successfully added to the product portfolio in 2021. The AquaRockBag® is a highly durable net filled with large sorted stones (with a capacity of 1T up to 12T), which is used as a flexible, robust and sustainable solution to combat scouring and water erosion.

In particular, the areas of application are in the field of coastal and water protection and the AquaRockBag® is thus the optimal alternative to conventional methods such as concrete, gabions or rubble revetments.

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