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Company name:

Manifattura Fontana Spa

Manifattura Fontana was born in 1932 as a family business and specialized in the production of added-value geotextiles since 1972. Today, Manifattura Fontana combines its extensive experience and know-how, with the reliability of SIOEN Industries NV, a consolidated multinational group.

​The attention to market needs, through the careful selection of raw materials, the adoption of up to date manufacturing systems, and the continuous research and development for new solutions and innovative products, make Manifattura Fontana a leading company in the national and international market, with certified quality, H&S and enviromental systems.

The geotextile range, CE certified, and granted also by third parties certifications, (such as RVS, Norgeospec, IVG, Asqual, SVG), offers materials in polypropylene, polyester and HDPE, from 90 to 2000 g/m2 and with a max width of m 6,7.

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