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Terram Ltd

TERRAM is the leading supplier of specialty geosynthetic materials for the landscape and construction markets. With 50 years of unrivalled expertise and experience in geosynthetics, Terram is the original non woven geotextile for separation and filtration applications.

TERRAM's UK manufacturing is located in Maldon, Essex, England and trades under Fiberweb Geosynthetics Ltd. Part of Berry Global, the world’s leading producer of nonwoven materials, TERRAM is able to use a broad range of process technologies which allow the development of innovative and cost-effective geosynthetic solutions. TERRAM products provide practical and value-engineered solutions for geotechnical and environmental problems in the following areas:
• Highways
• Railways
• Grass and ground
• Landfill
• Costal and waterways
• Pipeline and utilities
• Foundation and retaining structures

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