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Company name:

GEO&TEX 2000 spa

Passion, technology, and quality: this is the mix which allowed Geo&Tex 2000 spa to achieve the affection of many markets in the field of non-woven geotextiles destinated to Civil and Environmental Engineering works, Building Trade and Industrial Applications.

​We are a company in continuous expansion, opened to innovations, because only a dynamic reality, oriented towards the future and respect for the environment is a winner.

​GEO&TEX 2000 manufactures high quality non wovens, only needle-punched and/or thermocalandared made by polypropylene and polyester fibres.

In the last 20 years our products were installed in several important public projects concerning the construction of highways, railways, airports, tunnels, landfills etc.

​The most part of the sales are linked to the main European Certification Systems like NorGeoSpec, Asqual and RVS, which are subjected to a third part quality control.

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