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The importance of drainage in controlled landfills

Landfills for inert, non-hazardous and hazardous waste are governed by specific laws in

each country, which set out precise regulations on the construction and maintenance of these sites.

Many types of waste can take years, even decades, to disintegrate and complete natural

decomposition processes. At this stage, they produce:

- a large amount of slurry, such as leachate, that must be kept isolated because they are extremely contaminating for the soil and for groundwater;

- biogases, mainly methane and carbon dioxide, due to the breakdown of organic material.

Drainage geocomposites are a great solution to the drainage of rainwater and biogases in the capping and also of leachate in bottom and banks of the landfills. They replace the traditional system that used aggregate reducing from 100 to 1 the number of movable trucks and, consequently, pollution.

Moreover, crrectly controlled biogases could be used to produce renewable energy.


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