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How geosynthetics can reduce settlement in weak soils.

Updated: Oct 26, 2022

Settlement of weak and poorly compacted soils can cause damage in buildings, structures and transport infrastructure, from bridges and tunnels to road pavements and railways.

Geogrids are commonly used in granular layers to mitigate the effects of uniform and differential settlement when building on weak ground (although the approach is suitable for any ground conditions).

A granular layer stabilised with geogrids performs as a composite, due to the interlocking mechanism and particle confinement that develops between the aggregate and the geogrid apertures under loading. By controlling lateral and vertical displacement of the granular particles, this mechanically stabilised layer can delay settlement and at the same time reduce the overall thickness of the granular aggregate layer. This means reduced aggregate transportation to the construction site which contributes to e.g. CO2-reduction.


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