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How geosynthetics can facilitate infrastructure

Updated: Oct 26, 2022

Among the solutions there are Urban Sustainable Mobility Plans, which aim at the expansion of local transport, the integration of different kind of transport, the construction of new bike ways and pedestrian areas, and the improvement of green areas.

In the urban context, infrastructures such as metro rail systems, cycle ways, and pedestrian areas are built with frequent use of geosynthetic products such as separation geotextiles, soil-stabilization geogrids and geocells, drainage mats, waterproofing geomembranes, and protection geotextiles.

An example: cycle ways and pedestrian paths are not subjected to motor-vehicle traffic, so asphalt or concrete-block pavements require only relatively shallow foundations; but for long-term structure stability these need to be kept separated from the natural subsoil by the use of a proper separation nonwoven geotextile.


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