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How biodegradable erosion control systems contribute to a sustainable future

Updated: Oct 25, 2022

In addition to geosynthetics, geonatural products are biodegradable and temporary erosion control solutions. In applications where vegetation should minimise erosion, we must strive for more sustainable solutions. Planar natural fibre nets with suitable fixings from regrowing resources that secure the topsoil temporary or geomats nowadays made from biodegradable materials stabilise the soil with their root-like structure. These systems are interesting on surfaces where wind, precipitation or run-off water cause erosion.

Engineered, biodegradable erosion control systems should be part of the solution, as they are technically efficient, cost-effective, and environmentally friendly. As long as green and plant-friendly construction methods are desired, where vegetation is an essential element of the system by benefitting the microclimate, we are on the right way to the future.

Geonatural products can be manufactured fit-for-purpose. Especially in the plant growing phase, erosion of the topsoil is prevented and the growing of the plants is strengthened.


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