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Geotextiles for simple and effective soil stabilization

Updated: Oct 26, 2022

Gravel, when combined with a geotextile, can be the ideal solution when soils require stabilization in order to support traffic in public or residential areas.

One of the geosynthetics developed to fulfil this function is a geotextile with specially shaped cellular pockets. It use permits the thickness of the gravel sub-base layer to be reduced, and its flexible, three-dimensional structure allows it to adapt to irregularities in the subgrade and thus makes it possible to install it even in curves and on slopes. The folded geosynthetic panels are easy and economical to transport, making it possible to cover large areas with a low carbon footprint. The woven geotextile is also stable, water permeable, and 100 % recyclable. All in all: a sustainable solution for trafficked areas designed to last.


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