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Geosynthetics can lead to reduction of transport and extension of life time

Updated: Oct 25, 2022

Pavements are subject to severe traffic stresses and climatic effects that requires regular pavement maintenance.

Among the frequently observed modes of deterioration, cracking remains a major concern for infrastructure managers. Indeed, the presence of cracks reduces the quality of the rolling comfort for road users and these cracks allow the penetration of water into the road structure, rapidly leading to destruction if not treated.

One of the most effective means of avoiding cracking is to take preventive measures: whether for the construction of new infrastructures, for rehabilitation, for pavement widening, or for routine maintenance. Reinforcement geosynthetics thus play a major role in reducing rising cracks due to e.g. their high tensile strength and their positioning as close as possible to the area at risk.

Reinforcement geosynthetics solutions ensures high performance :

✅ Delayed reflective cracking

✅ Improved fatigue lifetime of the asphalt

✅ Ease of laying and application

✅ High adaptability of the geosynthetics to site requirements


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