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Geosynthetic waterproof systems offer great advantages in tunnel systems

Updated: Oct 25, 2022

Water infiltration can lead to deterioration and substantial damage of structural and functional components, especially in transportation tunnels. Consideration must be given to intercepting and collecting leakage before damage occurs. There are several methods of controlling water infiltration into tunnels, for example:

· Drainage,

· Water stops and gaskets,

· Sealants,

· Impervious membranes.

Geosynthetics provide watertight integrity for the life of the tunnel and must thereby withstand different kinds of stress and strain, both during installation and after construction, as well as variable and aggressive chemical environments. The benefits of a geosynthetic waterproofing system in transportation tunnel construction include the following :

· Continuous waterproofing element,

· Continuous sidewall drainage

· Independence from concrete lining cracking,

· Rapid installation,

· Cost savings over conventional methods,

· Cost savings in long-term maintenance.

Alongside the technical advantages, an added benefit are reduced costs. These include not only cost reduction during construction, but also long-term reduced maintenance costs provided by the geosynthetic waterproofing system.


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