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Geosynthetic barriers against radon and other gasses

The remediation of former industrial sites with contaminated soil is one of the major ecological challenges of our time. Those containing radon are even a public health issue and gas drainage is mandatory and must be implemented.


Geotextiles offer a quick and cost-effective solution to this issue. The combined solution of a waterproofing membrane and of a geotextile installed horizontally under the concrete slab constitutes a real barrier against radon and other gases from the ground.


Containment is based on the application of a drainage geocomposite to create a preferential path and prevent gas from accumulating below the membrane. Drained gases are discharged to one or more collectors placed on the periphery of the treated area and connected to one or more outlet stacks.


Under certain conditions, providing a gas barrier by overlapping membrane strips is sufficient, while in other cases waterproofing the geomembrane by welding is necessary. Apart from economic considerations, the benefits are also practical : the concrete slab being directly applied onto the geotextile in no time.


Moreover, the usage of geotextile avoid the treatment and removal of contaminated soil. Here again, geotextiles offer an efficient and lasting answer to an important ecological issue.


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