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Flexible synthetic gabions for water erosion protection

Updated: Oct 25, 2022

Synthetic nets can be used to produce flexible gabions; once filled with proper size stones, they could be employed as a measure against water erosion at the bottom of embankments, or in correspondence of structures placed on a river bed, like bridges stacks.

The easy handling and adaptation (thanks to their flexibility) to the local ground shape reduce the use of machinery during the installation, then minimizing CO2 emissions.

In many cases, the synthetic gabions can be filled with on-site material, then avoiding the extraction, the handling and the transportation of inerts, with all the environmental impacts connected with these working operations.

In addition, the polymer net has a good durability because it doesn’t suffer water corrosion, so the solution works on a long time life period and it needs very low maintenance.

Finally, these structures have a good inclusion into the landscape because they can be easily colonized by vegetation and also animal species.


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