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Fast and efficient sludge dewatering with geotextile dewatering tube

Geotextile dewatering tubes offer a fast and economical means of sludge dewatering. The large-format tubes offer high process capacity and dewatering performance while taking up relatively little space. This helps to speed up progress on site.

The tubes can be stacked to increase storage capacity still further. Cost savings are also achieved by the lower machinery and associated power and fuel demands for dewatering and transportation of the sludge from the site. The tubes can be used for permanent containment of the dewatered and consolidated material. There is no risk of rewetting, e.g. by rainwater, even where the tubes are in use for longer periods. As a result, a higher quantity of dry solid residue is achievable than by spoil area dewatering.

Dewatering tubes not only act as a reliable, long-term containment system, they also minimize the odour emissions from the sludge.


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