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Erosion control systems have a positive effect on the environment

Updated: Oct 25, 2022

The use of reinforced three-dimensional erosion control solutions is increasingly widespread due to their double function: on the one hand, they exert direct protection of the soil surface from the eroding action; on the other hand, they affect the factors that drive germination, establishment and growth of plants.

The establishment of vegetation on slopes is primarily influenced by site microclimatic conditions. However, erosion control solutions can positively alter the micro-climate at the soil surface and create stable, non-eroding conditions, favorable for vegetation establishment and growth. Light penetration, opening size, and ground coverage in general, are the solution features that affect seeds germination and plant growth and vegetation establishment.

3D geosynthetics mats have small openings size but with medium values of light penetration index that results in beneficial effects for the vegetation success.


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