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EPD is an essential tool for communicating sustainability performance

Updated: Oct 25, 2022

An Environmental Product Declaration (EPD) tells the environmental story of a product. It transparently reports objective, comparable and third-party verified data on the environmental performances of products and services from a lifecycle perspective. The EPD is a report on the product. However, more important is a view of the entire application, including transportation and this is done in a lifecycle assessment (LCA). Here geosynthetics show their true benefit and outperform in most cases the traditional construction methods.

EPDs and LCAs on Geosynthetics bring more transparency and carbon-conscious purchasing and decision making. Registered EPDs are globally recognized, publicly available and free to download through EPD Libraries.

Europe’s major EPD programs launched the “ECO Platform” to ensure a degree of uniformity within the framework of the EN 15804 standard. The aim is to come to an agreement on a core EPD for building products for all of Europe.


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