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Roadside protecting and draining barrier

Location of work/project:



Republic of Congo – Kinkala / Mindouli road section

RYB Composites

Improvement of the load carrying capacity of a road is linked to the moisture management all along the year. Drainage has therefore a direct effect on cycle of the road.
The solution is a waterproofed core, blocking any sideways water movement. The void ratio is higher than granular drainage ditches.

Within the scope of the construction of the National Highway No.1 in the Republic of Congo, this roadside barrier solution has been used to protect the road from the water for specific sections that were particularly wet. This drainage contributes to the reduction of the road structure water content thus improving its lift and guaranteeing the longevity of the roadway.

The solution is an alternative to granular materials originally planned. Beyond the financial economy, the solution significantly reduced turnaround times and made installation easier for a more efficient drainage flow capacity.

Solution description:

• THE GEOESPACER: It opposes any lateral water migration. With a high flow capacity, it collects the resurgences and evacuates the excess water present at the interfaces of the pavement structure.
• GEOTEXTILE: It is used as a filter. It completely covers the geospacer.
• THE DRAIN: Collector pipe, similar to that of traditional draining trenches, placed into the pocket of the solution.
• IMPLEMENTATION: The product is placed here manually. The trench is filled in with the use of excavated materials.

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