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Vertical drainage for bridge abutment

Location of work/project:



Morocco, Rabat. Bypass Highway

RYB (Elydan)

This drainage enables to capture the water present in the embankments and to direct them towards an outlet, thus reducing the hydrostatic pressure exerted on the walls of the bridge abutments and thus guaranteeing the longevity of the structure.

As part of the construction work on the Rabat bypass highway in Morocco, which allows traffic to flow freely and connect the roads converging on the Rabat-Salé conurbation, the drainage solution was used for drainage at the bridge abutments of the project's interchanges.

​The solution met the technical requirements of the project, in particular those concerning the high flow capacities and the compression loads to be achieved.

The drainage gecomposite is the assembly of a geospacer and a geotextile.

• The geospacer: It prevents a hydrostatic thrust exerted on the concrete walls of the bridge abutments by allowing the water to be transported through the alveoli to the drain.

• The geotextile: It is a filter allowing water to pass from the backfill to the geo-spacer cells.

• The drain: Drainage tube allowing the evacuation of water, placed in the lower part of the system.

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