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NAUE products protect structure of a new landfill cell and provide perfect seal against leakages

Location of work/project:



Scotland – Garlaff Landfill (Barr Environmental Limited)

NAUE Geosynthetics Ltd.

The excellent performance characteristics of Secutex® and Carbofol® provide the highest possible protection and durability over the long term for the new cell at the Garlaff landfill in Scotland. Due to substantial weight savings, they are easier to transport to site and install, saving on transportation, pollution and installation times.

For a new landfill cell at the Garlaff landfill site in Scotland, the specification called for the protective membrane content to be in accordance with SEPA landfill guidance documents. NAUE Geosynthetics was the company chosen to supply the materials for the job, which included the company’s Secutex® R 2001 G5 and Carbofol 2mm HDPE Megafriction to protect the structure of the new cell and to provide a perfect seal against leakages. The G5 woven needle punched reinforcement of the Secutex® R 2001 allows the load of the waste and leachate drainage to be uniformly distributed through the product.

Installed by NAUE-recommended installer Enviro Technical Systems Ltd, for Barr Environmental Ltd who own and maintain the site, work was completed within the specified time frame and according to Nick Farrell, General Manager of the civil engineering department at Barr, the expertise and exemplary service of the NAUE team and the NAUE product range helped to make the installation effortless and rapid, to reduce the carbon footprint and to save time and costs.

​Secutex® R 2001 G5 is a composite nonwoven which uses some 30% less fibre compared to alternative NAUE nonwoven geotextile options. It has been developed to cope with the more aggressive, angular and larger grading stone often used in today’s applications. With up to 33m of waste expected, and aggressive 20mm crushed aggregate being used, it was felt that a geotextile of at least 3kg/m² would be required. However, NAUE showed that the G5 – with a mass of just 2kg/m² – would meet the physical demands of the site while bringing in substantial weight savings. Being a lighter material due to its formulation, Secutex® and Carbofol® were easier to transport to site and to install, saving on transportation, pollution and installation times in keeping with Barr’s environmentally responsible policies.

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