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Landfill capping with a drain and grid combination

Location of work/project:



France - Villeparisis hazardous waste landfill

Freudenberg PM

In challenging conditions with long steep slopes, EnkaGrip&Drain offers a unique solution providing effective drainage with strong reinforcement and soil stabilization which represents significant cost and time savings for a highly sensitive landfill capping

The Villeparisis landfill is one of the five hazardous waste storage facilities of the SITA FD, a subsidiary of SUEZ Environment. The site received 250,000 tons of industrial hazardous waste per year and requires regular refurbishment work.

The works consisted of the refurbishment of 54 meter long 20° slopes capping some 15,000 sqm of industrial waste storage area. In accordance with the local regulations, a waterproofing system and drainage layer against rainfall have to be installed. Geosynthetics have been chosen as the solution to work with as they can provide easy to use, technically reliable, proven solutions. The main task here was to ensure stability of the 30 cm covering soil above the waterproofing geosynthetic capping system above the membrane.

In such conditions, EnkaGrip&Drain, made of a polypropylene geospacer seamed together with a polyester woven geotextile and a polyamide 3D geomat, is a multifuncional tricomposite which provide, implemented in a single operation, effective drainage, reinforcement and soil stabilization, allowing significant cost and time saving.

The proposal ensures a safe and secure solution to meet the technical and regulatory objectives for drainage and soil gripping. In addition, the use of EnkaGrip&Drain allowed the installer to reduce installation time and minimize traffic over the geosynthetic layer : risks of potential damage during installation are reduced enduring the performance of the geosynthetics in addition to a reduction in costs.

The design was done according to the French standard NF G 38-067 including Eurocode 7 safety factors on dead and live loads ensuring stability on each interface of the capping system. By using EnkaGrip&Drain, regulatory and technical requirements have been met at the same time as providing time and cost savings during installation, thus ensuring that the projects budgetary and time constraints were met.

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