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A drainage system for an underground parking

Location of work/project:



Netherlands, Ede - Market place

Freudenberg PM

Thanks to geosynthetic roll dimensions the construction, contractor executed a speedy installation of the drainage system on the deck while saving on use of natural granular materials.

To provide additional parking space in Ede, the central market square was reconstructed. A parking lot was built underneath the square which was given a face-lift at the same time.

The proposed solution was the use of Enkadrain 5004C/5-2s/T110 PP : the large size of the EnkaDrain rolls enabled a speedy installation of the drainage system on the deck.

EnkaDrain was rolled out over the parking deck area (approx. 8,500 sqm) with the overlaps in the correct place. The Enkadrain was installed directly onto the sub– and adjacent structure.

Enkadrain with offers very low compressibility and excellent chemical resistance, resists to high pressure. It provides high discharge under high pressure loads.

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