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Reinforced inclined wall

Location of work/project:





To reinforce a vertical reintaining wall of a motorway to a road downwards, reinforced geotextile are an interesting solution. The utilization of this solution combined with the process Betoatlas occurs a secure and homogeneity of the wall.

On this building site, near “Maxéville”, the Departmental Direction of Equipment from Meurthe and Moselle was confronted with two problems:

• The erosion of the facing between the motorway A31 and the departmental road n°30
• A non existent emergency belt on 1.50m

In order to solve these problems and to stabilize a very abrupt embankment because of the departmental road n°30, we decided to use the Betoatlas process.

​The Betoatlas wall is composed of concrete blocks, which can be piled up with the hand without mortar. The blocks can be filed with ground to make plantations.

We wedge a geotextile between some of the blocks. It then ensures homogeneity of the whole soil structure, and unable to maintain the soil in case of potential circular slips. In this case, the friction between the soil and the geotextile and the tensile strength of the geotextile make it possible to stabilize the soil.

Specifications of the project:

• Height 9m
• Inclined at 21°

Backfilling materials:
• Draining materials
• Friction angle = 36°
• Density = 18kN/m3

• Slope + A31 motorway loads
Wall: Betoatlas® (Betoconcept®)

Reinforced geotextile Notex® GX 200/50 (200 kN/m MD and 50 kN/m CD), spaced of 0.6m and length = 2.1m

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