Soil reinforcement – motorway

Soil reinforcement – motorway

Czech Republic | Motorway D8, section 0807/I-A | Bonar

The structure of a ground body connecting two bridges (over the road II/253 Předlice – Chabařovice and over the railway line Ústí nad Labem – Teplice). This section with length of approximately 400 m where stabilization by liming was performed at the same time is largely reinforced within the complete width of the structure.

Gravel sand cushion with geo-grid Armatex®® M 150/150:

Czech Republic | Motorway D8, section 0807/I-A | KORDÁRNA PLUS a. s.

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Gravel sand structure was complemented by a distribution and reinforcing element gravel sand cushion in the section A between km 78.226 and 78.373. The main purpose of the reinforced gravel sand layer gravel sand cushion was distribution of dynamic effects of traffic and elimination of uneven settling of the substructure of embankment in the places where embankment thickness was 1-2 m. After completing gravel pillars the length of which is 3 m in this section, gravel sand layer with thickness of 0.2 m was applied on the reinforced working area and re-compacted. The reinforcing geogrid Armatex® M with strength of 150/150 kN/m which is made of polyvinyl-alcohol (PVA) and coated with PVC paste was applied on this layer. The length of the laid down was equal to the double width of the area enlarged by 6 m so that to ensure overlapping after packing at least 3 m. The width of the band was 5 m. Two layers of gravel sand, each of them with thickness of 0.3 m after compacting, i.e. totally 0.6 m were applied on the reinforcing geo-grid. The central part of the cushion was the only exclusion because it was necessary to reduce this layer from 0.6 to 0.2 m by means of tapers with respect to future sewerage line in the center of the motorway. Reinforcing geogrid Armatex® M 150/150 was applied and pre-stressed over the surface of this compacted gravel sand layer thus creating a self-contained reinforced cushion. Another layer of gravel sand with thickness of 0.2 m after compacting was spread on the surface of the cushion. The final thickness of gravel sand cushion of 1.0 m was reached in this way.