Retaining wall – soil re reinforcing in sheer retaining wall

Retaining wall – soil re reinforcing in sheer retaining wall

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Within the adaptation of the athletic stadium Střelnice in Jablonec nad Nisou to suit international parameters, the extension of the entire stadium area was designed.

Slopes 3 m to 14 m had to be reinforced to allow for the extension of the original area of the athletic stadium. Engineering geological study was used as the groundwork for mathematical analysis. The base of the current stadium is made up mostly of excavated eluvium and spread slag, often with admixture of bricks and rubble. The subsoil of the embankment is made up of slope sandy loams laid on granite eluvium merging into strongly weathered granite in the depth of approx. 2 m. There was no groundwater found during survey. Earth of the embankment is permeable, filtration factor is presumed to be in the order of 10-6 m/s.

A variety of designs were made, optimizing the geometry of excavation and the length of Armatex® G geogrids. The enlargement of excavation was selected as the best solution. By using this adaptation, a larger volume of backfill was attained which has a better shearing strength and will improve the overall slope stability. Short-term stability was also evaluated for this new geometry of excavation. The inner stability of respective reinforcements was recalculated and checked under the ReSSA program.

Czech Republic | Jablonec na Nisou | KORDÁRNA PLUS a. s.

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The bottom up to height of 4 m makes almost a vertical slope (85°), Armatex® G 80/30 and 110/30 geogrids were used for reinforcement, the face is made of concrete blocks. The embankment upper part is in 70° slope, reinforced with Armatex® G 80/30 geogrids, face is made of steel netting.

In the course of construction some conditions had to be fulfilled: minimizing infiltration of rainwater into the exposed slope, rate of compaction of all layers min. 95% original condition. The remaining part of the slope (after building up of the base block with a retaining wall made of concrete prefab blocks) had to be completed during one working season.

Several extensometers were fixed in place to monitor the entire structure and the measured values meet the expected presumptions so far. The designed solution significantly lowered costs and enhanced aesthetic appearance of the construction.