Sustainable sediments management with geosynthetic tubes

One of the most challenging issues of dredging operations is the dewatering of sediments in order to reduce their volume and facilitate the final disposal of the dewatered material.

Geotextile tubes can solve both problems in a sustainable manner. After the dewatering process, these containers, full of dewatered sediments, can be left on site (if there is no risk of contamination), using them as filling elements to remodel local landscape or to protect banks or shorelines from erosion.

This makes it possible to avoid material removal and transport to a disposal site, thus minimizing truck traffic and associated CO2 emissions. But geotextile tubes also allow the re-use of otherwise unusable soils, and this avoids the extraction of virgin material, its transportation to the construction site and and its placement , here again saving natural resources and preventing more CO2 emissions.