Non wovens are simple and sustainable solutions for construction projects.

Nonwovens are really used everywhere: often they are not visible but can play an essential role with many advantages for the daily life. As part of the design for e.g. residential projects and gardening, nonwoven geotextiles can be used for the construction of driveways, walkways, wooden terraces, flower beds, vegetable gardens and gardens.

Their application ensures greater stability to the ground on which the slabs and tiles are to be laid, while ensuring the passage of water. They can also perform the function of separation, for example preventing the possible mixing between the gravel and the underlying soil and avoiding the growth of weeds.

Nonwovens are compatible with the environment; compared to herbicides they are not dangerous and their production requires less energy ensuring a lower environmental impact. They are permeable to water and support the growth of plants and flowers.

They require less installation time, less maintenance and provide a longer service life than traditional products. In its commitment to climate protection, the geosynthetics industry is continuously increasing the use of renewable sources and supports the development and research for circular innovation systems.