How to reduce 252 tons of CO2 on a single jobsite?

Airplane Parking Apron 2 is the largest aircraft parking lot at the Ostend-Bruges airport and is being renewed in 2021. For the renovation of this 160.000m² parking area, a durable woven geotextile is installed as a reinforcement layer between the subbase and the base coarse, and had a remarkable impact on CO2 emissions.

The woven geotextile was selected over the conventional method of applying 10cm of gravel, an increasingly scarce resource, to strengthen the asphalt structure.

The analysis of the findings and the Life Cycle Assessment show significant reductions (compared to the use of gravel) in transport, use of materials and CO2 emissions.

Remarkable figures on minimized transport: 3 instead of 593 trucks to bring the material on site, resulting in a reduction of 252 tons of CO2.