Geotextiles in an engineered solution.

It doesn’t matter what the required application is for your new access road, working platform or piling rig. Incorporating geosynthetics into your design(s) can vastly help reduce build up material and capping layers imported to your site.

This reduces the number of vehicle visits, the amount of aggregate used and the amount of hydrocarbons/fuel burned. Reducing overall tCO2e embodied in your current and future project(s).

It is critical to all of us that when looking at projects, the environmental impact of the project is taken into consideration. Whatever the project you are trying to undertake. The use of the correct Geotextiles and Geosynthetics will be able to save embodied tCO2e, time and money on your project.

Geosynthetics and Geotextile manufacturers and engineers will always be available to help you identify a cost effective, environmentally friendly and safe design.