Geosynthetics protect against natural disasters

Mechanically stabilized earth retaining walls are unbeatable in economic and ecological aspects. The ductile behaviour of these structures is invaluable for their use to build barriers against the danger of natural disasters like avalanches, rockfalls and mud slides. These kinds of events are in our focus as climate change offers new potential hazard areas which endanger settlement areas and infrastructure. The construction method itself can be executed in a short period of time, even in mountainous areas.

The solution – Avalanche protection in the Karwendel mountain (AT): A dangerous and threatening level of snow had accrued on several occasions and was blasted off in a deliberate and careful manner. The solution was to construct two protection barriers utilizing a reinforced wall system including geogrid reinforcement and compacted reinforced fill. Using locally grown willow cuttings, the walls blended in with the surrounding landscape within a very short time.