Geosynthetics, an excellent alternative for the planet

In recent years, reducing the carbon footprint has become a prominent subject of discussion and an objective if we want to leave a planet for our children. And when it also means conserving resources and saving money, it becomes a priority!

The use of Geosynthetics can help to achieve this objective in a number of ways, and an excellent example is under-paving drainage. One of the functions of a geosynthetic drainage system is to provide a high drainage capacity without using gravel. The advantages?

- Drastic reduction in the number of trucks used for evacuating and delivering gravel materials. (for 5,000m2, the ratio is 1 truck full of geosynthetics instead of 50 trucks for driving floor then gravel)

- Drastic reduction in traffic congestion, especially in cities where traffic is more problematic, with less pollution as a consequence

- Fewer natural resources used (no need to excavate as much material)

- Savings in time and money : the product is light, can be unloaded and installed very easily and rapidly

The carbon footprint can thus be reduced by 84% simply by avoiding the use of granular materials.

A great step forward in achieving sustainable development.