• robalbers

Another forward integration in the Geosynthetics industry

NAUE and Prosé join forces: Geosynthetic manufacturer NAUE and the Dutch company Prosé Geotechniek are announcing the joint venture NAUE Prosé.

From product development, production and delivery to planning and installation, NAUE is a global leader in the full-service of successful, ecological, durable and sustainable geotechnical solutions. Prosé Geotechniek has a long history of supplying and handling geotechnical materials in the Dutch and international markets.

The joint venture NAUE Prosé, will offer the complete range of NAUE products as well as installation services. An added value are the design services that the newly created company offers through the NAUE group’s very own engineering office.

“We are very excited to announce the start of NAUE Prosé” said NAUE group’s Managing Director Alexander Naue. “This fusion will support our effort in serving every marketplace as best as we can. It is a clear signal for our commitment to the Dutch market.”

“These are very exciting times” added Peter Prosé, Sales Director of NAUE Prosé. “In the past we have supplied NAUE products out of conviction for their high quality. Being a part of the NAUE group of companies now is a great milestone.”