Edilfloor S.p.A


Edilfloor is a modern and dynamic company which has been manufacturing needle-punched geotextiles since 1979. These products are used in many different projects in the civil- and environmental-engineering sectors.

Edilfloor has a historical commitment to technical innovation and sales expansion: with an unquestionable dedication to quality in every respect, including customer service, logistic and concern for the environment, the Edilfloor organization is ready to service its customers’ specific needs with customized solutions.

The range of products manufactured or marketed by Edilfloor is wide: nonwoven and woven geotextiles, DIY fabrics, geogrids, drainage composites and many other geosynthetics.

Through its subsidiary Geosintex, Edilfloor also offers technical support in response to specific requests from customers, designers and public authorities, providing valuable assistance in drawing up specifications and designing the appropriate geosynthetic materials for each project.

For more details, please visit our website at www.edilfloor.com or contact our sales team.

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