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Low & Bonar

Exploring the possibilities of geosynthetics since the early 1950’s, Low & Bonar is a genuine pioneer in the business. With a tremendous package of experience in the production of geosynthetics and their applications in civil engineering, Low & Bonar is able to support any project in transportation infrastructure, coastal/waterway infrastructure, environmental engineering as well as landfills with an extensive range of products and solutions.

Our portfolio consists of Enka®Solutions including e.g EnkaMat®, EnkaDrain® and EnkaGrid®, plus Bontec® and Tipptex® as specialist geotextile brands.


Low & Bonar production facilities are based in the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, Hungary, USA and China. For continuous product and application development, Low & Bonar maintains Development and Application Centers in the Netherlands, Belgium and USA. Low & Bonar employs more than 2,000 people worldwide.


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