The geotexle manufactured by Geotexan guarantees the durability and correct operaon of the SUDs soluon.

Location of work/project:



Spain, Madrid, Urbanizaon of the external areas of the Wanda Metropolitan Stadium (Atleco de Madrid)

FCC (Fomento de construcciones y contratas)

Mostly, the use of Geotexan geotexles in the Wanda Metropolitan Stadium has been for its applicaon in RedSuds (sustainable drainage pavements). To guarantee the correct funconing of these systems, high tenacity geotexles of 100% virgin polypropylene must be used, which are inert to the alkaline aack and have a high hydraulic capacity with small porometry value (retenon criterion).

In the Wanda Metropolitan Stadium in Madrid several acons have been carried out where the use of non-woven geotexles manufactured by Geotexan . The geotexles developed by Geotexan are high quality products that offer great tenacity and are made of 100% virgin polypropylene. The funcon of the geotexles in the acon were two: filtraon and separaon. As separaon, to the stabilizaon of the roads and reduce the use of filler materials.

As filtraon, for use in perimeter drainage ditches and for its use as a construcve soluon in filtraon tanks in the sustainable drainage pavement.
Geotesan geotexles were used in all the SUDs soluons applied in the urbanizaon and landscaping of the stadium.

The SUDs networks seek to manage and guarantee that the pluviometric water follows its natural course, hepping the filtraon towards the natural soil, helping the land receive the moisture it needs to remain consolidated and filling exisng aquifers. The tendency of large cies is to waterproof the surface, with hydraulic les on sidewalks, asphalt on roads and roofs of buildings that collect all the rainwater and lead to collectors that receive large amounts of water at specific moments of rain , every m3 collected by the collectors must be treated and purified, which means a very high cost in treatment plants and products. The filtraon tanks (Hollow buried structures of high density polyethylene in the form of prisms) are wrapped in all its surface by geotexles that prevent the passage of fines present in the ground and let through the water collected by the drainage pavements. This meens a slow filtraon of the water we have in the tanks to the natural soil and we garane that in the surface are not water because this go to the filtraon tancks. To guarantee the correct operaon of the filtraon tanks it is necessary to use a geotexle that is inert to the alkaline aack and that also has a high hydraulic capacity with a low pore opening index (retenon criterion) to protect and prevent the filtraon tanks and avoid the clogged by the fines of the land.


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