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Geotexan is a Spanish producer of nonwoven geotextiles composed of 100% polypropylene virgin fibres mechanically joined by a needle-punching process. These are subsequently thermofixed and calandered, which results in improved tensile properties. Our geotextiles are used in roads and other trafficked areas (highways, airport runways, parking areas, access roads, etc), in railways construction, hydraulic works (river banks, channels, irrigation ditches, pools and coastal protection), areas with soil subsidence, foundations, retaining structures, drainage systems, erosion control (slope protection and covering). Their functions are seperation, filtration, drainage, protection and reinforcement. We also manufacture fibres for other applications, in bags of 600 g/m² and 1000 g/m² for additives for concrete to prevent spalling in tunnels and to improve consistency in concrete pavements.

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