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Geotexan is a spanish producer of nonwoven geotexl. Our process is Nonwoven geotexle composed of 100% polypropilene virgin fibres mechanically joined by a needled process and a later
thermofixaon and calendered, which gives higher mechanic resistances. Geotexle for use in roads and other traffic areas ,(highways, airport runways, parking areas, approaching ways, etc), railways construcon, hydraulic works (guiding of river, channels, irrigaon ditch, pools and coast), areas with soil movements, foundaons, retaining structures, drainage systems,erosion control (slope protecon and covering). Usage: Drainage, filtraon, reinforcement, separaon and protecon. Olso we manufactory fibers for other aplicarons and bags with fiber of 600 g and 1000 g like adive for concret to spalig in tunels and for get beter consistence in concret paviments.

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