A1 materials for A1 motorway

A1 materials for A1 motorway

Poland | NAUE GmbH & Co. KG

One of the main arteries running through Poland, the A1 motorway features a new section built on land where much underground mining has taken place.

The possible settlement of this land made it imperative that a suitable and reliable geogrid was selected for this project – a demand met by the Secugrid® range from NAUE.

In total, some 200,000m² of Secugrid® 100/100 Q6 has been selected, along with over 1 million m² of Secugrid® 120/120 Q6.

These geogrids offered the requested soil reinforcement requirements – high tensile at very low elongation. This results in an immediate force connection and interlocking with the fill soil, without primary deformation.

Aperture size on both of the Secugrid® options selected is 28mm square, and elongation at nominal strength is no more than 6% in either direction. UV resistance is 96.3%, and both offer high weather resistance characteristics.

One of the key advantages of using this material is that it can save natural mineral resources by reducing base course thickness – reducing the need for large volumes of stabilising soil fill, the construction time that involves, and the associated transportation costs.

Secugrid®’s ability to offer similar performance credentials to an alternative also being considered, along with distinct price advantages, were other factors in the specification for this project.

Poland | NAUE GmbH & Co. KG

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This section of the motorway is the third stage of construction – or the southern section – taking in the cities of Ṡwierklany, Mszana, Godów and Gorzyce.

As it passes through the Rybnik Plateau, the opportunity was taken to integrate the route into the local environment in ‘an efficient and environmentally-friendly design’.

However, the mining work of decades passed brought with it particular challenges, dictating that geogrids be employed and the adoption of alternative, stage-based gradeline solutions.

Drivers using this section of motorway will almost certainly be unaware of the legacy left by the mining industry in that country, but can be confident that the roads they drive along will remain stable and dependable.